The Audio Archives on this site now include almost every sermon preached at 7th from 1974 to 2002 and several others. There are approximately 3,500 sermons available.

These sermons were recorded live on cassette tape, and are now available in ".mp3" format. Simply click on the date to begin listening.

The collection can be sorted on Date, Minister, Text, and Scripture by clicking on the column heading. The sort order is reversed by clicking on that column heading again. Also, the listings can be filtered by Year and Minister using the selection boxes below.

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Date Minister Sermon Title Text Scripture
1967-06-25 pmRev. Gordon H. GirodIsrael and Arabs Deuteronomy 28:58-67
1967-07-02 pmRev. Gordon H. GirodOne Nation Under God Romans 2:28,29
1967-07-02 amRev. Gordon H. GirodNo Promise to the Jews Deuteronomy 8
1967-07-09 pmRev. Gordon H. GirodCovenant of Grace (2) Hebrews 11
1967-07-09 amRev. Gordon H. GirodCovenant of Grace (1) Hebrews 9:12-28
1967-07-30 pmRev. Gordon H. GirodCovenant Of Grace Ezekiel 37:1-14
1967-07-30 amRev. Gordon H. GirodGrand Rapids Riots  
1967-08-06 pmRev. Gordon H. GirodThe Millennium is Now (2) Revelation 20
1967-08-06 amRev. Gordon H. GirodThe Millennium is Now (1) Revelation 20
1967-08-13 pmRev. Gordon H. GirodParticular Atonement John 10:1-18
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